These vases were inspired by the Murano “handkerchiefs” forms which were made by some of the greatest Venetian Glass Blowers around 1920.

As a fusion glass artist I decided to try the steel mesh to create my handkerchiefs vases and some of them being part of the pieces.

OBS: Some pieces can be punched to adapt electrical supplies becoming lamps.


The artistic plates and bowls can be used as food serve and going into micro-wave and dish washing machine.

As planned, the glass piece can be made by our industry (only clear) and colored with special glazes by me or imported with different colors.

All the material imported has the same COE (coefficient of expansion), sheets, frits, stringers and can be used in the same piece.

OBS: Our home glass has another COE and mixing with the imported glass can cause stress and break.


The pieces in these series are made with a lot of different sheets of glass, clear, opaque, irid, dichroic, stringers, metal foil and crystals.

All the materials have the same COE compatibility and can be transformed into VETRO PAINTINGwhen framed.


It series were included to my work after doing a Glass Fusing Jewelry class at Corning, NY (The Studio) with Jayne (a fusion glass artist). Simple methods she created and transformed used tools, we could develop different pieces and molds.


At home I adapted some materials and changed others to use typical brazilian stones and leather to finish my work.

OBS: All pieces are unique and handmade.
Any imperfection or small defects due to material or handmade process are natural.

All the pieces and projects are exclusive and almost all material we import.

It reproduction is impossible, however we can make another piece with the same form, colors chosen by the client.

Contact the showroom by tel: +55 21 3586-0756 to order and know the details of the piece.



Architect, Claudia fell in love with glass in 1996 and since then has specialized in various techniques, especially "fusion".
Having taken courses in other countries and improved her art, she never stopped reinventing her pieces and striking the balance between art and function.
His remarkable and innovative work is the result of constant and intense dedication and much love for what he does.



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